Cryptocurrency market data

Useful for data analysis, trading & AI

- 100+ trading pairs

- Multiple exchanges supported

- All timeframes you need

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Flexible historical data

You can download the cryptocurrency candlestick data directly from here or use our API. Whatever suits you best!

Machine Learning

Train and test your Machine Learning models using real cryptocurrency candlestick data as datasets.

Automated trading

Backtest your strategies with custom candlestick data (exchange, crypto pair, intervals…)

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About us


Crypto Candle Data project started in the Netherlands back in 2020 as a collaborative project with itinerant developers from different countries along the way.

We take into account the career preferences of the developers and adapt the project to them. If you think you can contribute to the project, just drop us an email at

The main value proposition lies in easing the way for people to build something in the crypto world.

The application was initially built because we needed it to get our trading and machine learning models going with real, accurated data coming from the exchanges we use daily. After a while we decided to make it available for the commmunity to use it in their projects. Please, no more duplicated work out there so, use it people!

Seriously, do it.

We'd love to see the cool stuff you'll build with it!