New website!

Hi guys! We revamped the website to offer more content and features. Design and functionality are things that we care about so, we redesigned/redeveloped the website changing the technologies used, the layout and adding more features to it. Now you can read blog posts (which you already know because you're reading this), the candles fetching page is more intuitive for the user. And there's more info about the project which is always useful. If you have any comment or feedback, drop us an email at

New collab!

Let's introduce Néstor, who has carried out the redesign and development of the new website. He's a full-stack web and mobile developer from Canary Islands who's looking to dive deeper into web frameworks and modern dev tools. He's now part of CCD ;)

Tech stack

For the techies out there wondering about the nitty gritty of the development/architecture, a brief overview of the website tech. stack would be:

  • Website is built using NuxtJS and Tailwind as CSS framework.
  • Database, we use MongoDB Atlas.
  • Deployment, we use a separate Docker container for the website.
  • Jenkins as CI/CD tool.


We'll elaborate further on this topic in another blog posts.