Welcome to Crypto Candle Data!

Hi there! If you're reading this, that means you're interested in crypto. Let me tell you something, so are we at Crypto Candle Data (CCD)! Please go ahead, read the rest of this post and start using CCD in your projects. And let us know any comment or question you may have at cryptocandledata@gmail.com

What is it?

In essence, CCD is a service that provides cryptocurrency historical data (candles) from multiple exchanges, pairs and intervals. It bridges the gap between the user and the exchanges working as a layer on top of them.

How does it work?

CCD communicates via API calls with all the supported exchanges and retrieves the data from them, in this way we're sure we have the most updated data every time.


From the website you can select the exchange, the trading pair and the interval you're interested in and download or copy the historical data. Easy as that.


From the API you can call the endpoints we have described in the API Docs. Basically we deal with the specific exchange syntax and requirements for you. Unlike via the website, through the API you can specify start and end date/time which allows you to have more customized candles.

What is it for?

Perhaps you're a trader and you want to backtest your strategies using real historical data in the crypto pairs you're interested on. Or even choosing the intervals that suit you best!
Or probably you're building a Machine Learning model and you're looking to training/testing it using real candles, we got you covered. Just start fetching the historical candles from CCD, you will see how easy and convenient it is.

Is it free?

Yep. Sure? Yep